The Best List of 20 Easy Piano Sheet Music for Children and Beginners



All right. Now that you have bought a piano, found a teacher, and prepared yourself, you are waiting for your child to play MUSIC! But all what he is doing is, just playing notes! Not much tunes.

You asked the teacher and she says to be a little patient. It takes time; in fact, all good things take time. Even making cheese!

But you are not the type who will sit and sulk around until somebody else does something. You try something of your own. Get the help of that All Mighty…Google.

You try all kinds of titles and come up with Sheet Music. That’s it.

What is Sheet Music? Originally it was a hand written piece of music but these days it could be computer printed. Whichever the way, the sheet has music and a lot cheaper than buying a book. Also, you can choose what you want unlike buying a book which may have what you don’t want.

There are versions which can be downloaded to smart phones and tablets. We’ll look at them as we go along.

As the title promises I give you 20 sheet music in various formats and sites so you don’t have to search.  It is all here. The first 10 are for the beginner at the early stages.


1. Hot Cross Buns

(i) This is from YouTube and can’t get any easier.

(ii) Here’s another easy video tutorial with notes in PDF for Hot Cross Buns, from easymusicnotes.

(iii) This is from Hoffman Academy. It is a simple straightforward explanation and you can understand it without any problem.

blog7 HCB 3

The first song










2. Good King Wenceslas

blog7 GKW1L

Learn about the good king here









(i) This printable sheet music shows a very simple way to play Good King Wenceslas by makingmusicfun.

(ii) Now on a different key- F major shown by Thomas Lemmon;

(iii) Here, I give you access to useful tunes which you and your child easily learn. Click on the image to get started.

blog7 iTunes2

MUSIC 30 A/B-Eckstein Audio Exercises








(iv) If you want to learn the basics of music on the Android, this is the one.

blog7 android2

Best Android apps for learning music








3. Old MacDonald

(i)Here’s a very easy version by Online Image Arcade: 

blog7 OMD2

Easy to play Old MacDonald














(ii) Here is an easy piano tutorial by Peter PlutaX”;

(iii) This version on F major is well explained by piano4children.

blog7 OMD3

Old MacDonald by piano4children








(iv) This is an app for the iPhone:

Learn music with Hello Kitty









(v) Now for the Android; click on the image.

blog7 OMD l andr

Little Piano Master- Android Apps













4. Mary Had a Little Lamb

  (i) explains clearly how to play this all time favourite.  

(ii) Appcrawlar will show you various sites that are useful.


blog7 YD ipad app

Learn Mary Had A Little Lamb here.













(iii) This is a very easy to follow done music by Piano Numbers.

Mary Had a Little Lamb-another way to play










(iv) RealViewPiano, explains well how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb.

(v)  iPlay Piano is an iPad/iPhone app which has 12 well loved children’s songs including Old MacDonald.

blog7 iPlay Piano L

iPlay Piano by












(vi) has this useful app for Android users:

blog7  MHLL android L

Learn rhymes using piano








5. Humpty Dumpty

(i) Here is a simple arrangement by for both hands. Learn them separately or if your child is not up to it yet, the right hand music is enough, which is easy; download and print.

(ii) This is an easy print to follow:

blog7 HD1 L

by Teachers Pay Teachers









(iii) This is a slightly advanced version uploaded by longwinter2000. The pianist’s name is unknown but  she plays it very well. Congratulations!

blog7 HD2 L

A good pianist in the making










(iv) Printable sheet music for Humpty Dumpty and other nursery rhymes in this site. Go click!

blog7 HD4 L

Humpty Dumpty sheet music







6. Row Row Row Your Boat

(i) This is a great piece by makignmusicfun; preview and print.


Easy to play version by













(ii) This from YouTube by HiFi Lessons

(iii) Another fun way of learning to play Row Row Row Your Boat by educational-freeware :

blog7 row row row your boat2

A fun way to learn with Educational Freeware












(iv) Pianolessons4children gives you the same song on different keys.










(v) Tiny Piano; a fun app for iPad, iPhone and iPod. You can learn to play by slowing down the speed; Row Row Row Your Boat is one beside many others- not only Moonlight Sonata!

blog7 RRR1S

Download free on the Appstore







(vi) This is a fun way of learning Row Row Row Your Boat and other nursery rhymes by Google play.

blog7 RRR2 L

Nursery Rhymes Piano Tunes- smartphone applications












7. London Bridge

(i) YouTube has this very simply explained by Pianosongdownload;

(ii) This is another way of learning it by zebrakeys. The music is very clearly explained with the images of a keyboard.


Zebra Keys by












(iii) This is a really simple version of London Bridge by iowacreativemusic; in fact, it cannot get any simpler.

(iv)A very easy way to learn from YouTube, by yahiamsa89:

(v) iPad Apps for London Bridge and other songs.

blog7 ipad

iPad Apps-Technology Made Easy









(v) Install Kids Piano on to your Android to learn London Bridge and other nurser rhymes.

blog7 LB ANDR L

Kids Piano












(vi) has a traditional sheet music!

blog7 london bridge2 for more nursery rhymes









8. Little Bo Peep

(i) Little Bo Peep on a sheet.


Little Bo Peep








(ii) John Thompson’s piano music for Little Bo Peep uploaded by Babak Na;

9.Yankee Doodle

This is enjoyed by new learners of all ages!

(i) This is really an easy version of this song and there is the option for free download by music-for-music-teachers.

(ii) The following version by pianomother is suitable, if your child has completed the first book.

blog7 YD1

Yankee Doodle Easy Piano Score










(iii)  Now try the YouTube uploaded by PianoSongDownload:

(iv) I will give you the Appcrawlr again to access music for this which has the options for any device.

10. Incy Wincy Spider

(i) Letsplaykidsmusic gives you more information about nursery rhymes.

blog7 IWS1 L

Incy Winsy Spider;

(ii) This Little Pianist gives a good rendition of Incy Wincy Spider, uploaded by jasminetmy;

(iii) Here is another easy fun way by Dream English Kids.

blog7 IWS4 L

Easy and fun with Dream English Kids








(v) And finally, a real sheet music! It is written for the clarinet but good for the piano too.


Incy Wincy Spider by Capotastomusic

Incy Wincy Spider by Capotastomusic












Here are 10 more easy,popular piano tunes for your child who is doing slightly “advanced” music. Therefore, I have chosen pieces on different keys.

1. Ode to Joy by Ludwig Van Beethoven ( Symphony No.9 in D minor)


9th Symphony with Gramophone

9th Symphony with Gramophone

Beethoven, wrote Ode to Joy towards the end of his career. It is from the 9th Symphony. He was deaf when he wrote this and often ill during this time. He had never heard it played. He was the conductor at the premier performance of this magnificent piece and when the crowd applauded it only he knew that it was much appreciated!

Here is the full Symphony also called The Choral uploaded by obtica1;

This is an unedited performance of Ode to Joy, uploaded by Linda Weaver:

Ribal (8) playing Ode to Joy on the piano;

(i) Here is a beautiful simplified version of Ode to Joy, arranged by A.L. Christopherson.

(ii) This is a video tutorial by Piano Turoial Easy;

(iii) Here’s an iPad app. 

blog7 OTJ2

Ode to Joy







 2.God Save the Queen


Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

God Save the Queen” is also called “God Save the King” during the rule of a king. The origin of the score is unknown. After Great Britain, the melody became popular with Germany and Scandinavia; later with USA. The same melody is used with different words in different countries. In USA it is only second to “Star Spangled Banner”.

This is a formal performance by London Philharmonic Orchestra uploaded by Becca Nuttall;

Here is God Save the Queen on piano, uploaded by Klafmann Occidental;

(i)  Free sheet music at gives this beautiful and easy notes in F major;

(ii) has one on G major which is also simple. 

(iii) Here is free sheet music on G major using both hands equally, by; download to MIDI and MP3

(iv) This is how to play God Save the Queen on Piano Synthesia, uploaded by Pr0pagandaFilms;

3.Westminster Chimes

This is the most famous melody for clock bells ringing on each quarter. It is also known as the Cambridge Chimes because it is place

The Elizabeth Tower of the Palace

of its origin, the church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge. The clock is also well known as the Big Ben.

I love this performance by Alan Chan on the piano.

What if composers throughout the ages composed this melody? Uploaded by Michael Caditz, Lulu Hung gives the picture!

A simple version is played by this Little Performer (whose name is not available) uploaded by cfrankwu;

(i) How to play Westminster Chimes on the keyboard by LetterNotePlayer, uploaded by John Nelson;

(ii) Night Music #2 Improvisations is interesting:

(iii)  You can download, audio file or video file with

4.Star Spangled Banner

Originally, this flag was raised in 1812 after war with Britain, to

The Star Spangled Banner

celebrate the victory. The stripes and stars of this flag inspired Francis Scott Key to write this song which became the national anthem of the USA.

This is a beautiful performance by the New York Philharmonic; 

And now, Tom Clemens plays it on the electric piano;

(i) Download this easy piano sheet music forStar Spangled Banner by

(ii) Learn how to play The Star Spangled Banner on the piano with; 

(iii) Here’s another “How to Play…” by Joe Raciti; very well explained.

5. Jingle Bells

It would be interesting to know the origin of this famous Christmas carol. It was written by James Lord Pierpont in 1850 or

image from

1851,in a little town called Medford, Massachusetts. The Medford sleigh raced to Maldon Square, when he was in a tavern at Medford which inspired him to write this delightful piece, which underwent a few changes to make the one we sing today. What’s more, Jingle Bells has the honour of being the first Christmas carol to be played in outer space in 1965!

Here is a jazzy performance by Glenn Miller Orchestra;

This is a fantastic performance by Jonny May ;

Found this cute performance of JB, uploaded by Francesca Ko;

(i) A simple version of Jingle Bells with pictures.

(ii) A step by step piano sheet music lesson plan to teach Jingle Bells by Let’s Play Music.

(iii) This is a simple version for both hands on C major, uploaded by Music Workshop

(iv) Appcrawlr has it for any device.

6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Originally this was an English lullaby, lyrics coming from an English poem in the 19th century. The tune is from a French melody called”Ah! vous dirais-je,

DLTK Growing Together

Maman”. This was published in 1761 and later Mozart made it famous by composing the 12 variations which Aika Dan (11) plays so beautifully.

Listen to Andrew playing a funky version uploaded by Zophia Marti;

(i) Mahalodotcom has uploaded this easy to follow, how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; 

(ii) This is another good video tutorial for Twinkle Twinkle… uploaded by Capotastomusic 

(iii) Ah! Here is a real sheet music by; it’s on F major.

(iv) This is the Little Piano app for you to install into your Android which shows how to play this song among others.

(v) Find here an app for iPad or iPhone by and see the demonstration uploaded by rowdyruckus88; 

7. Aura Lee

George Poulton composed a tune in 1861, for the words by William Whiteman Fosdick.,during the age of minstrel shows. They call it Aura Lee which was a

Cover of Confederate version,1864

simple ballad. Later Elvis Presley made it famous as ” Love Me Tender”. Most people (including me) knows Elvis’ song. Here we are fortunate to listen to Aura Lee sung by Jim Reeves uploaded by ‘tukkerenflets’;

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley uploaded by IsuruAparna:

This is a duet of Aura Lee played by two Budding Young Pianists. It’s beautiful and upload by Rosendo Arato;

(i) Easy free piano music sheets by Capotastomusic has uploaded this version on F major;

(ii) has Aura Lee on G major. Check Onlinesheetmusic for more.

(iii) Learn to Play Piano has this tutorial for Aura Lee on F major; I think it’s bit too fast but for your child who is very familiar with the notes, it won’t be too bad. 

8. Scarborough Fair

It is a traditional British ballad about Yorkshire town in Scarborough. The song is about a young man who instructs his girl to perform certain difficult tasks. 

Scarborough fair;

Scarborough fair;

The melody is typical middle English period; the words had been modified over the years and the modern day song was popularised by the famous duo, Simon and Garfunkel.

Here is the modern song by Simon and Garfunkel at the Central Park;

Paul Cardall plays his own beautiful piano arrangement of this song;

This is a fairly simple version suitable for around intermediate level; uploaded by Markus Bischofberger 

(i) This sheet music by is simple and easy to follow on A minor with hands on Middle C position.

(ii) Here is print sample of part of the score by on D minor.

(iii) gives this clear piano tutorial on Scarborough Fair;

(iv) Shedea’s piano tutorial, uploaded by Shedea Greentree, of Scarborough Fair on A minor, explains in detail how to play this song;

(v) This is a slightly advanced version of the score on D minor, well presented by Sarah Brightman, uploaded by EveryonePiano 

9.William Tell Overture Finale

Italian born Gioachino Rossini (1729-1868) composed William Tell Overture which was his 39th opera. The finale is the most famous and the popular.

image from

image from

This was his most famous and the last of his large-scale works. He also composed chamber music, sacred music and piano music. The edited William Tell overture is a popular piece for the beginners.

Listen to the full work performed by the Rome Opera Orchestra in 1965;

This is the finale performed by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra;

This is an amazing performance on the piano by Fernando Cruz with a few variations of his own; 

(i) Free sheet music, of the score by pianomother is simple and clear.

(ii) This is a simple piano tutorial on C major by;

(iii) This is sheet music by on D major. There is the option for you to choose the key.

10. English Country Gardens

blog7 ECG1

Jimmie Rodgers’ English Country Garden

It is a famous folk tune arranged  in 1918. It is a popular tune among the beginner piano learners. This song sung by Jimmie Rodgers reached No.5 in UK charts in 1962.        

Here is a performance by the Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble arranged for the classical guitar;

This one is a wonderful performance by Derek Paravacini who is blind and autistic;

I could not come up with other types of music for this pretty song. However, I feel that all young music learners must learn it; I did and teach my pupils too.

(i) This is a sheet music from a familiar site, makingmusicfun; more suitable for intermediate level but easy to follow.


Hope, this gives you a comprehensive list of “sheet music” that you wanted to look at. Tell me what you think about it.


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