Help Me Learn Music

You don’t have to know any music if your child (5-7 years) needs help at home with his/her music lessons-simply pick up this book and …wallah! It’s all there. It is laid out in a simple straightforward way that you can understand and explain what they find difficult at the early stages of learning music.

My inspiration for writing this book is to assist children, in their learning of music at home. Just like parents and guardians take an active role with school homework, this book will aid a child at home, to get a better understanding of the basic principles of reading music in order to enjoy a long and fulfilling music education, without dropping out in frustration.

The main features of this book are:

  • The basic structure of this book applies to any type of piano/keyboard and most string and wind instruments.
  • Encourages the pupil to compose from a very early stage.
  • Wise choice for any beginner.

Who knows, you might take to music!

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My music book 1a