Portrait 1Hi there! I am  Surangika (Sue) Senanayake and welcome to my ‘ About Me’ page.

My passion is music,  with over 25 years of experience in teaching piano and keyboard. Currently, I am attached to

New Zealand Modern School of Music.  I am absolutely passionate about teaching music and my achievement is to see that you enjoy a music education which will bring you much satisfaction and fun in whatever the way you like.

It is for both,the young and the young at heart! Yes, you have to be at least 4 years old to start. You may want to learn to play music because you just like to learn it or perhaps because you want to be a professional later on. Either way, I am committed to you, to achieve your goal.

I follow both New Zealand Modern School of Music (NZMSM) and Associate Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) syllabuses with theory.

But if you ( or your child) do not want to follow either of them, but want to learn music to be able to enjoy playing, that’s fine too.

This blog is dedicated to helping anyone who is learning music, from beginners to intermediate level to reach their full potential by helping them to understand the principles of music, the way to practise and solving problems. At exam levels it is up to grade 5. 

With the content and the service I provide, I hope to help you or your child to enjoy learning music and achieving the intended goal.

“Parents must get involved in their child’s education” is my belief. For the parent who need the basic knowledge  for this, my book  paperback or ebook  is an affordable choice.

My ultimate goal is to help everyone who’s learning the piano or the keyboard, to be competent in their field in order to be able to enjoy playing music.

You can also contact me via email or fill in the form on my ” Contact Me” page.